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Bridgestone Tyres

Western Sydney Tyres is NSW’s famous wholesale Tyre dealer. We offer a wide range of Tyres for sale. Our entire stock is full of Tyres and wheels of high quality, including Bridgestone. Buy Car Tyres Western Sydney‘s entire selection is reasonably priced and yet of highest quality of Tyres. We offer a wide range of Tyre brands, including:

    • Accelera
    • Atturo Auplus
    • Austone
    • Bf goodrich
    • Daewoo
    • Dunlop
    • Herovic
    • Kinforest
    • Kingstar
    • Kumho
    • Lizetti
    • Mastercraft
    • Maxxis
    • Minerva
    • Nexen Nitto
    • Rotalla
    • Superia
    • Toyo
    • Windforce
    • Westlake

With our extensive stock of Tyre and wheel supply, special discount packages and a full range of wheel services, Car Tyre Sales Western Sydney will ensure your road safety.

Wholesale Tyres Dealer Bridgestone

Our reasonably priced high quality Tyres are popular everywhere in Sydney and its suburbs. We have provided our services and Tyre selection to the region for several decades. This experience enables us to search for the best quality of Tyres and get them at the most affordable prices for our clients. We scour the entire world and Australia for the best Tyres and then bring it to NSW for the most reasonable prices.

Offering Tyres for sale at wholesale rates, our affordable Tyre Prices Western Sydney never mean a compromise on quality of Tyres or efficiency of our staff. Western Sydney Tyres only hires the best and most qualified Tyre specialists. Famous for our customer service, our Tyre specialists have years of experience in the local automobile industry. Our professional teams will help you throughout the process of Tyre selection, fitting and vehicle inspection. From selection of the right Tyre for your vehicle to considering your budget and then ensuring a proper fitting – we take care of it all. Wheel alignment? Tyre recycle? We really do it all!

Unlike others, we don’t just offer you our wide selection of Tyres, but the right advice. When you damage your wheels, it is not always necessary to replace them. Replacing Tyres is very expensive. Instead of buying new wheels, our specialists will try to repair and restore them if you would so like. Repairing and restoring is more pocket friendly and also ensures your safety on the road just like a new set of Tyres.

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