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How to Protect Your Wheels and Tyres?

Not everyone in Australia pays for ownership of the car. Due to increase in car theft rate, it is important to ensure your car is properly secured at all times, especially the wheels and tyres attached to it. To avoid having your tyres and wheels stolen, it is imperative to take the necessary steps.

Here are six ways you can use to keep your tyres and wheels from getting stolen and to keep your car secure in general.

1. Lock the car in the garage

Thief will rather look for a good opportunity while your car is parked at home and you are in the supermarket for ten minutes. Try always to park your car in a garage. You will make a thief’s job harder from the very beginning by taking it off the street.

2. Put a camera near where you regularly park your car

Installing a camera is your next best bet if you can’t keep your car in a garage. Even just hanging a camera outside a window or affixing it to the top of a pole is enough.

3. Cover up the wheel lugs

Thieves are far more likely to steal what is easily visible. A simple wheel cover can help to keep your wheels from being stolen. Thieves will think it is too much trouble to try and unscrew a wheel cap and access your wheels’ lugs. They will just move on down the road.

4. Get special wheel lugs

Get specialised wheel lugs to make a thief feel frustrated. These are custom lugs with specialised tools. You can’t unscrew the tyre if you do not have the tool.

5. Put an alarm on the car

Removing tyres can make the car be bumped or jarred while doing so. A sudden bump or adjustment of the car’s distribution due to a tyre being removed can set off the alarm if you have an alarm installed on your car.

6. Consider where you park

Pay a few dollars more and put your car in a secure garage instead of parking on the street. Look to park in well-lit areas where your car will be visible to passers-by at all times if a secure garage is not available.

These tips are noteworthy for preventing theft of your vehicle or components. Wheels are more often stolen than the whole car because stealing wheels often just requires the right opportunity and the right tools.

By following Western Sydney Tyres tips here, you will be certain to dramatically improve the security of your car overall and decrease the odds your wheels will be stolen. Contact Western Tyres today 02 9793 9285.